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The traditional collection


Ayurvedic Copper Bottle

We have created a unique and climate-smart ayurvedic water bottle in copper for those of you who are a conscious consumer.

The copper bottle is made with your and nature's well-being in focus. It is a beautiful and genuine craft in clean cups. Made with traditional methods and care in the homeland of ayurvedance.

Environmentally friendly, durable and conspicuously beautiful. The water bottle is as good at the yoga session as in the office or at home as table water..

An ayurvedic copper bottle is a brilliant addition to those who strive for a conscious and healthy lifestyle.


Copper naturally and effectively kills dangerous bacteria in water. The pH value of the water is balanced to alkaline.


The bottle is made by hand by a completely natural material. Free of heavy metals and toxins.


Copper is safe, environmentally conscious and sustainable. An excellent alternative to disposable plastic.


Each bottle allows us to contribute to the fight for clean water supply for everyone.

Anovea's unique copper design for kitchens and homes


Why drink water out of a copper bottle?

Water stored in a genuine copper bottle is purified in a completely natural way by infuseing the water with copper ions and its unique properties. 

Copper makes your water alkaline, which helps your body balance the body's pH value and has according to India's holistic healing system ayurveda many health promotion benefits.

Studies show that copper is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, acts as an effective antioxidant in the body, improves immune system, eliminates toxins and free radicals in the body.

Anovea's water bottles are naturally self-sterilizing and do not require as much cleaning as other water bottles.

The water bottle is durable and natural which makes it an obvious choice for those who cherish the sea, animals and nature. With its beautiful vintage style and genuine sense of quality, the copper bottle fits into all kinds of environments and is a dream to decorate with.

• Creates clean and fresh drinking water
• Made by hand in the homeland of ayurvedance
• An environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic
• Beautiful and charitable

A genuine craft

Our beautiful copper bottles are created with care by skilled craftsmen who use traditional methods. Each bottle is shaped out of a piece of clean copper into a seamless copper bottle of very high quality. 

The bottle shines with a warming earthy tone and has a cold, deep and naturally shallow feeling at touch. Each part of the process is done by hand which makes each bottle a unique little work of art.

Created by local craftsmen in India with your and nature's well-being at its heart. Durable and solid in its design and design.

A tradition with deep roots

Copper has been used by all the great civilizations since man learned to handle it. The metal was highly regarded by the Egyptians, romans and the advanced civilization of the Indus Valley. Copper cups were used extensively in healthcare and everyday to minimize bacterial spread.

In india's 7,000-year-old holistist healing system ayurveda has its own name, "Tamra jal", and is said to balance all three doshor shors of the body. VataPitta and Kapha.

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Backed by modern science

Studies on how copper and water interact show that copper has completely unique properties that make it an excellent water vessel even in modern times.

Studies also show that water stored in copper vessels becomes clean from bacteria, viruses and fungus. Water stored in copper vessels is also alkaline by the copper's ability to raise and lower the pH value of the water.

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Anovea - One foot steadily in tradition and other foot endeavored forward in innovation

We offer things that we use and appreciate ourselves but which are difficult to get hold of in good quality. Copper bottles, heavy scrapers and straws in clean cups created by hand with care and love in the country of Ayurvedan India. Copper glass of the highest quality.

Each copper bottle is of the highest quality and a genuine craft that is both climate-smart and sustainable.  Thank you for considering an alternative to disposable plastic!