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Glad you want to become a retailer of our products! We are happy to help you develop a set-up and quote on the products that suit your business. Haven't you used the products before and want to make sure you bring in a brand that fits into your business? Then we give you the opportunity to place a sample order. Our products are great in yoga studios, interior stores, health food stores and other alternative markets.

Why are you going to work with us?

  • We offer high quality products at a good price.
  • We are investing fully in long-term thinking and sustainability.
  • We have a good understanding of the whole chain from start to finish and recognize the importance of the right partners to collaborate with.

In order to protect our environment and our climate, both products and packaging are environmentally friendly. A sustainable society is our vision for the future. We are happy to do this journey with you.

Do you have questions? Then you are always welcome to contact us.