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Anovea specializes in sustainable lifestyle products in copper. Our main focus is you as a customer and our outside world well-being. This means that we sell products created in an ethical way, of natural materials and without negatively affecting the climate. Our products are sustainable and have a long life span while being very easy to recycle time and time again.

In an attempt to get away from the modern toil and toss mentality of the consumer society, we have chosen to go a different way and want instead to give you the opportunity to buy things that last and that age with you.

We worked in areas such as yoga, mindfulness, proactive care for many years and built up an essential knowledge that we want to share through our projects. As a leading player, we work closely with specialists with good traditional and modern knowledge in a beautiful symbiosis. In the development of exciting new, holistic and climate-proof products, we always take the help of our knowledgeable experts and use modern lab analysis to secure the quality standards we have set for our company.

Our customers place high standards of quality and environmental impact and we do our utmost to meet our own and your requirements as a social-conscious company that sees man and our home, the earth, as bigger and more important than pure profit.