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Copper glass 2-pack

249 kr
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According to tradition, Ayurveda recommends that the material copper be used in many areas. This is probably the result of both the copper's special status in Ayurvedic medicine, and the natural resilience of this vital element to both viruses and bacteria.

The unique and solidly created mug of copper is a completely natural material that follows nature's cycles and oxidizes beautifully over time. This forms over time a beautiful patina and rustic feel. It is easy to clean with lemon or vinegar among other things.

Copper tools and copper vessels have in many ways been vital for a large number of both prehistoric and contemporary cultures. These copper glasses are hand made in India and consist of copper to live up to the high ayurveic requirements for a holistic holistic perspective and promote balance between the five elements which will create health.

  • Do not need to be cleaned as often as traditional materials as copper is naturally self-sterilizing.
  • If necessary, the tongue scraper can be cleaned with lemon water or anything else that has low pH value.
  • Sustainable, natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Also perfect in the yoga studio, massage facilities, in holistic wellness centers, alternative courses, at retreats and at Ayurvedian shops and health advisors.
An easy way to sound your modern life is characterized by the rich knowledge of copper water and practically balance the doshor. Balance vata while balancing kapha and balancing pitta according to traditional ayurveda (life's knowledge).



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Copper glass 2-pack

Copper glass 2-pack

249 kr